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Springtime Reminders!

Date: March 17, 2021


To: All Residents:


As Spring approaches, please take some time to evaluate your property and make sure it is in compliance with the governing documents and neighborhood standards.  With the rains we have had and warmer weather approaching, lawns can get out of control quickly and many of you may already have excessive weeds.




  • Keeping your lawn and beds weed-free.  If you did not apply weed control chemicals in the fall, you are going to have a tougher time with that this year.
  • Removing weeds and tall grass in yard, flowerbeds and parkway (area between sidewalk and street) and mowing the yard including sides and parkway.
  • Edging along sidewalks and curbs, trimming along landscape beds, tree rings and house.
  • Please be aware that if you live on a corner lot, you are responsible for all of the area along the street on the side of your lot in addition to that on the front.


Now is a good time to fertilize, which will help with your efforts to keep your neighborhood neat and well-manicured.  Taking time to treat lawn issues now, such as weeds in the lawn and/or grass in the shrub bed, with appropriate chemical treatments will greatly minimize further lawn issues in the coming season.  Please check with your local garden center for specific treatments on the various lawn problems to ensure your effort and investment are successful.




·         Before you begin any modifications to the exterior appearance of your home or lot, you must submit for and receive written approval by the Architectural Control Committee. (i.e. fences, patio covers, landscape, pools, paint or stain, storage sheds, etc.).  Failure to submit your project for approval prior to installation may result in a fine.

·         Please replace dead or missing trees promptly.  (City ordinance.)

·         Boats, jet skis, trailers, commercial vehicles, RVs, etc… are not allowed to be parked on the street or driveway or stored anywhere that is visible from any street or alley.

·         Trash containers should be pulled back up to the house after trash pick-up.  Please do not leave your trash container out at the alley or street past trash pick-up day.  (City ordinance.)

·         Fences must be in good repair (i.e. broken and missing boards replaced, trim boards replaced, stain should be one uniform natural wood color). 

·         The only signs that are allowed are for sale or for lease signs. No other advertising signs are permitted.

·         Owners must pick up and dispose of flyers, newspapers and trash in their yard, on their driveway and sidewalks.


These covenants are designed to protect the value of your property.  Working together will ensure the overall community will remain visually appealing to you and your neighbors, surrounding subdivisions, and potential future residents. 


Thank you for being a great Grayhawk neighbor!



Grayhawk HOA Board of Directors

Grayhawk Frisco HOA

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